Looking for an eCommerce system that grows with your business?

The WebConnect  eCommerce solution combines a traditional "static" front page with a dynamic shopping platform,  giving accelerated access to the web and extending your market presence.

WebConnect eCommerce allows you to publish online product catalogues and promote new products and specials .  You manage your entire website product listing directly from within SAP Business One with no duplication of effort. Customer transactions are entered directly into the system and then integrated to SAP Business One, without the need to manually re-enter orders.

Creative design form identity to site implementation

WebConnect eCommerce utilises Umbraco, an open source Content Management System (CMS)  giving you total
creative control.

WebConnect offers a tailored website, that can be self managed modified or redesigned to meet your corporate identity and branding.

Extend and refine the site as your needs evolve without complicated programming and free of any interference with the integration to SAP Business One.

Multiple branded sites with single login and single  shopping cart check-out

Do you need multi branding with single login and check-out capability?

WebConnect gives you multiple, unique web pages with a single login and purchasing point. Each separate window is interactive allowing seamless shopping across all brands and associated products with just one consolidated shopping cart.

Your customers are not required to check out each time they shop a different site, keeping them engaged in the shopping experience within your brands.

Diagram 5


Industry specific features or modules your company may require can be developed and tailored by the WebConnect development team.

These features include linking associated products, embroidery,  product building, freight integration and spare parts, to support your company's brand/niche market giving you a competitive edge. Features can be newly designed or altered to fit your company's branding, image or to fit the consumers' needs and specifications.

Your custom features and modules will then be integrated into the main site ensuring that they are maintained with the rest of the system. Start with one and create more as your business expands.

Complete end to end visibility of your customer orders

WebConnect enables the consumer access to their order information anytime of the day, providing instant updates on their purchase, from the time of payment to delivery at their doorstep. This end-to-end solution means constant customer visibility of orders and reduces time spent on the phone following up customer queries. Freight and shipping costs can be accessed through Temando-a world leading freight and delivery platform.

eCommerce feature and benefits:

  • Orders are processed immediately, securely, at any time, day or night globally
  • Shopping cart and order processing in real -time
    integrated directly to SAP Business One
  • Easy to use Content Management System (CMS)
  • Publish catalogues, promote new products and up sell and associate products 
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Product detail page - detailed descriptions, pdf and video player embedment
  • Payment gateway, Secure Pay and Paypal
  • Wish List and My Favourites
  • Social Media Integration - Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter
  • Blog for Umbraco with comment administration
  • Newsletter management
  • Google analytics
  • The B2B Portal can be made available within the Secure 'Member Area' or in a separate portal site.